Puppies ❤️

❤️UPDATE❤️  All the puppies have now been rehomed.  ❤️

Meet our newest arrivals.  Seven supercute bundles of fun. ❤️

They are 2 bitches, Mica and Nissa, and 5 males, Ricky, Woody, Mickey, Zack and Paul, all are 5 months except for Nissa who is 7 months. All are fully vaccinated and microchipped and are now up for adoption.  They will need lead and house training.   We think Ricky and Woody are going to make quite large dogs, Mickey, Nissa and Mica will be medium sized and Zack and Paul will be smaller. All are absolutely adorable and have lovely temperaments.  Paul and Micky are the quietest of them all and Zack and Nissa are the feistiest.

Below are pics of all their gorgeous faces. ❤️

Vince ❤️

❤️UPDATE❤️ Vince has been rehomed.  Yipeee.

Meet gorgeous new boy Vince.  ❤️

Vince is an adorable 4 year old greyhound. He is a very, very loving and laid back, gentle boy.  He walks brilliant on his lead and loves his cuddles and treats.  Vince is also dog friendly.  He loves everyone he meets and is going to make that lucky someone a really loyal and loving dog. ❤️

Tiger ❤️

❤️UPDATE❤️  Tiger has been rehomed.

Meet Tiger.  ❤️

Tiger is a 4 year old lurcher and is absolutely adorable.  He walks brilliant on his lead, is super friendly and very loving.  He is also very calm, laid back and confident.  He knows his basic commands and will sit and give you his paw, he is an absolute superstar.  He seems to be fine with other dogs but can be picky with dogs in the home so for this reason is looking for a home as an only pet.    Tiger is a little underweight at the moment as you can see in the pics, we are working on this and are sure we’ll get a bit of weight on him in no time. ❤️