Martha ❤️

 ❤️  UPDATE   ❤️ Martha has gone off to her new home, yayyyyyyy.  Good luck Martha. x

Meet Martha ❤️   Martha is a 2/3 year old little staffie cross girl.  She has arrived into our care straight from the stray kennels so we don’t know much about her history.  She loved being out and about walking today and loves cuddles and kisses, she really does have a great temperament.  She walks and gets on well with all the other dogs in kennels and loves everyone she meets.  She really is adorable and a joy to walk.   ❤️

For more information about Martha go to Royston Animal Welfare  ❤️

2016 ❤

It’s coming up to six months now that I have been volunteer walking the dogs for RAW and I have enjoyed every minute.  I know you shouldn’t but you can’t help but get favourites, some of the dogs just find a special place in your heart and stay with you.  My personal favourite dog of 2016 and rehome might I add has to be Sonny, absolutely love that boy and was so chuffed that he finally found his forever home toward the back end of the year.  He has settled in brilliantly too with his new family and it didn’t take long for them to fall for his charm, in fact I think they fell for him the moment they met him as I did. ❤

I have put together a collage of all the dogs I have had the pleasure of walking during 2016. I don’t know how many rehomes we have actually had for the year but will try and find out and will update accordingly.  I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy 2017 and thank each and every one of you who have supported RAW throughout the year, without your support RAW wouldn’t be the charity that it is as they are run totally by volunteers and every penny raised or donated goes straight to the animals in RAWs care.

For more information about any of these dogs go to Royston Animal Welfare ❤